In-person photography sales perfected
Sell in-person as easily as using hosted galleries.
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"It is already performing leaps and bounds above anything else that I've used in the past and is only getting better! Thank you to the PhocusPro team for creating such a process... dare I say LIFE CHANGING piece of software! Sean Thurston of
The next generation of photoshoot sales software
PhocusPRO guides you through a highly effective, step-by-step sales process that is fun and easy. Whatever your level, you can earn more from each client, in less time. Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux in person, and soon on tablets and from remote!
Fast client visits
You'll look more professional.
Intuitive and fun
So easy, your clients could take over.
More profitable jobs
Better service = high-paying clients.

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Start with a slideshow preview
Set the mood with music, and show off your work in style. Later, when
narrowing things down, turn on a filter to review what didn’t make the first cut.
Find the photos they love
Go through the photos, preview in black-and-white or color, and find the best.
(You can click the photo to hide the controls to get rid of the distractions.)
Add notes to photos, in the moment
Move more photos from maybe to yes by suggesting edits and adding your
notes right there. Photos with notes have a notes icon in the thumbnail.
Compare photos when they’re unsure
Drag thumbs to the right to compare up to 6 photos to decide which is the
best. Zoom in and out, and hide controls to maximize viewing area.
Design and sell more profitable packages
Create unlimited custom packages, with different package sets for each type
of photography client. Comes with Stephanie’s baby and wedding packages.
Build collage templates with smart canvases
Quickly build templates right on walls, with custom canvas sizes and prices.
Comes with many editable templates and canvases to geSt you started.
Make wall art, and more wall art
Drag photos into canvases and save, then try another variation and save.
Quickly create lots of wall art for your clients to choose from.