Lifetime Access: One Payment of $47
10 spots of 100 left. This deal will never be repeated.
You can apply this deal 5 times to add up to 10,000 photos in your account:

2,000 $47 x 1
2,000 Photos10,000 Photos

You can change your mind at any time up to 30 days after you get access for a full refund.
Answers to Questions You Might Have
How long will this deal last?
The $47 one-time payment deal will be gone after 100 people sign up.
What is applying the deal multiple times about?
The one-time deal lets you have 2,000 photos in your account at a time. You can move the slider to get an additional 2,000 photos each time you apply the deal, up to 10,000 photos per account, by applying the deal five times. Don't worry, by doing so, you're not taking away chances for someone else to get the deal! :-)
Are ther additional payments?
You get lifetime access for the single payment. There are no additional payments.
When do I get access?
Right after you order, you will be sent an email with your login details.
What will be available when I get access?
You will get what's shown in the videos for in-person sales. It will work on the Chrome web browser on Mac and PC, while online.
What does “early access" mean?
This is an early release, to test performance and find any issues or bugs in a large variety of real-world situations that we could not possibly test by ourselves. Your feedback at this stage helps us identify areas that need improvement so we can deliver to you the best product possible.
When do I get offline and remote modes?
We can't estimate that yet, but they are the next major things we're working on after we give you access, other than any bug fixes.
What do I need in order to start using PhocusPRO?
All you need is your Mac or PC computer/laptop, an Internet connection, and the Chrome web browser. (It also works well on Safari on Mac and Firefox on Windows.) Eventually we plan to have native apps that work on tablets, and offline mode for computers.
What if I want to upgrade or cancel after I order?
You have 30 days from when you order, during which you can cancel for a full refund. If you want to apply the one-time deal again (up to 5 total) during this time, contact us through the chat on the site. If you want to upgrade later, you will have to pay whatever the price is at that time, so please apply the deal as many times as you need, when you purchase or soon after.